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South Gate Engineering Specializes in designing, engineering, and manufacturing Pressure Vessels including:

- ASME Storage Tanks

- API Storage Tanks (API-620 & API-650)

- Water Treatment Vessels

- Petroleum Refinery Separation

- Conversion & Treatment Tanks

- Hot Water Storage Tanks

- Hydro-Pneumatic & Storage Tanks

- Chlorine & S02 Bulk Storage Tanks

- Hot Water & Steam Generators

- Autoclaves

- Degasifiers

- Deaerators

- Flash Tanks

- Stainless Steel Process Vessels

Custom Fabricated Pressure Vessels

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-ASME/API Standards & Code
-Welded Steel
-Custom Designed & Fabricated
-Above Ground
-Petroleum Storage
-ASME & API Coatings

Pressure Vessel

A pressure vessel is a storage tank or vessel that has been designed to operate at pressures above 15 p.s.i.g.

The safe design, installation, operation, and maintenance of pressure vessels in accordance with the appropriate codes and standards are essential.

The ASME International Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code establishes rules governing the design, fabrication, and inspection of boilers and pressure vessels during construction.

All South Gate Engineering Pressure Vessels are built in strict conformance to ASME and/or customer specifications.

Hot Water Storage (Custom and Standard), Hot Water Generators, & Heat Exchangers

Storage Tank

Custom hot water storage tanks are manufactured for 125 and 150 PSI. These vessels can be specified with all the necessary connection required for easy installation with most water heaters, boilers, or other water-heating devices. Typical...

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Air Receivers


South Gate Engineering manufactures both standard and custom A.S.M.E. Code Air Receivers for new and existing compressed air systems. Air Receivers are provided in all compressed air systems for the following reasons...

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Tangential Air Separators


South Gate Engineering Tangential Air Separators are designed and fabricated in accordance with the A.S.M.E. Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, Section VIII, Division 1. Standard Tangential Air Separators are designed for...

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Blow Down and Expansion Tanks

Durability, safety, and quality are the passwords to the South Gate Engineering Boiler Blowdown Tank. Durability has been achieved through a standard design that incorporates a concentric wear plate...

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Hydropneumatic Tanks and Surge Tanks

Surge Tank

Hydro-pneumatic tanks are an integral element necessary to the efficient operation of most water supply systems. All South Gate Engineering hydro-pneumatic tanks are built in strict conformance to...

Ion Exchangers, Filters, and Softeners


Ion Exchanger vessels are used in the process of purification, separation and decontamination of aques and other ion containing solution with use of solid ion exchange media. Ion exchangers have been used in...

Industrial Autoclaves


Industrial Autoclaves are used in Manufacturing of composite, Glass, Cement, Vulcanizing, Food Processing, and Medical Waste Treatment...

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Tanks, Silos, Hoppers, & Mixers


South Gate Engineering designs and builds chemical , liquid and bulk storage tanks, hoppers and silos to meet our customers needs. Storage tanks are built in strict accordance to customer specification...

Deaerators & Degasifiers


Vacuum Degassing is another method of removing gas from liquid using vacuum and distributing liquid over packing media that increases surface air to aid in extraction...

Fire Protection


When the smoke begins, the sprinklers demand for water is critical and a tank manufactured by South Gate Engineering offers that extra margin of safety and peace of mind. Quality of construction...

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Structural, Piping and Internals

Piping and Internals

South Gate Engineering designs and builds structural components to customer needs. South Gate Engineering can provide platforms and ladders as an attachment to our tanks but also can provide these items as stand alone...

Chilled Water Tanks

chilled water tank

A chilled-water applied system uses chilled water to transport heat energy between the airside, chillers and the outdoors. These systems are more commonly found in large HVAC installations, given their efficiency advantages...


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